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See More Recent Photos from The Hearth Cooking Group Here

Hands at the Hearth Cooking Photos from 2013

Hands at the Hearth is a group of East Berlin Historical Society members that gather several times a year to capture the spirit of hearth cooking. Under the guidance of Linda Zeigler, a Colonial foodways expert, the group gathers historical receipts to prepare over the hearth at the log house in East Berlin which is one of five buildings that the society preserves and maintains.

Linda teaches our group how to pack cabbage, apples and onions to make Gumbis

Lucia and Lynn prepare the crust for a peach pie

Food cooking in hearth

Tending the potatoes takes a watchful eye from Pat

Karen prepares our midday snack

The feast awaits!!

Dianne tends the hearth

Ham's frying, bacon dressing's warming

Fried Parsley over Ham.  Yum!

Red Cabbage with Sausage & Bacon.  Delicious!