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SAVE THE DATES: More 2018 Dates coming soon!  Upcoming Speakers for East Berlin Historical Preservation Society General Meetings at 7:30 p.m. Red Men’s Hall. All are welcome!  Address: 332 W. King Street, East Berlin, PA 17316

Wednesday, March 21, 2018:

Jeri Jones of Jones Geological Services, Spring Grove, PA, will offer a talk entitled "Your Backyard Geology", a Powerpoint presentation.  Public is invited! 

More details about talk:
Breakup of Pangaea Diagram

How the area formed as a result of a rift valley during the breakup of Pangaea and almost became a part of Africa.

Rocks in the area are sedimentary and igneous in origin of Mesozoic age.

Mineral resources in the immediate area include brownstone quarrying, iron mining and several small copper deposits.

Fossils include dinosaur tracks, amphibians and reptile remains.

Proof that East Berlin once was in the Southern Hemisphere and Miami, Florida area while moving north. 

We will also include information on South Mountain as it once was a very old rift area of a supercontinent 1 billion years ago.

Some rocks contain a famous fossil that we believe were sea worms.

Mineral resources include copper, iron, clay and sand. 

Were there any volcanoes in the area? 

Where and how exactly did the Pigeon Hills form. 

How was the Battle of Gettysburg affected by geology?

Previous Meeting Topics:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018:  Thank you, Stacey Fox for your great and inspiring discussion. Stacey Fox, the vice president of Destination Gettysburg, gave a talk entitled "A Look at Adams County Tourism".  She discussed the organization, tourism as a product, the evolution of tourism, and the economic impact of tourism.

Stacey Desitination Gettysburg Destination Gettysburg Talk

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017:  Thank you to Linda Clark for her excellent talk about what the people of Gettysburg witnessed when President Abraham Lincoln arrived to dedicate the National Cemetery in November 1863.  See photos on our Society Snapshots page.

Walk a Mile with Lincoln Presentation
"Walk A Mile With Lincoln" General Meeting Talk by Linda Clark 11/15/17 @ Red Men's
Linda Clark
Linda Clark

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017:
Emma Kate Diehl shared the history of Herbs and Oils- Past and Present
Herb presentation photo 1Herb presentation photo 2  


Wednesday, July 19th, 2017: Dave Eisenhart spoke about the origins of the East Berlin Railroad.  Very interesting talk to a full house!  See photos here.

Note pertaining to the East Berlin Railroad from Stephen Jacobs, added 2/23/2018:

East Berlin Railroad Information needed........

For those of you who attended the East Berlin Railroad presentation on July 19, 2017, I’m the guy who is trying to put together a book on the railroad.  I was unprepared for so many people who wanted to talk to me and the little time we had. To some I entirely missed you and I am sorry.  Several had offered to show me a photo of different RR items in which I am very much interested.   Any individuals wanting to share their material with me, I would gladly accept it and try to use it in my book. All material can be submitted to me at; Stephen Jacobs, 33 Pennwick Drive, Lititz, PA 17543. I would high Res scan the material and return it. Any material used will be given full acknowledgement in the book. For those wanting to submit electronic material send to ebtjake@gmail.com. A short description of the photos like when taken and by who if known would be appreciated.

 I am currently trying to locate the four trestles; we know that three were located on Pine Run, Marbles Run, and Hokes Run. We know that Pine Run is at the Bridges Golf Course where currently there is a covered bridge. However the other two runs I cannot find on any maps. We also know that there was one trestle just north of Abbottstown but can’t identify which run that was. There was also mention of the “long bridge” which we have no information on. Another mystery is that in 1927 the East Berlin Coach was sold to Daniel Mummert who cut it into three sections and moved it to “Mummert’s Grove” to be converted into fisherman’s quarters. I would love to find old pictures of those shacks. Also any pictures of the Abbottstown station would be of great help. Any help you folks can be, would greatly be appreciated. Thank You.  Stephen Jacobs

Rescheduled for May 17, 2017:  Birds with a Gettysburg Address by Bonnie Portzline, member of South Mountain Audubon Society
May 17 2017 at 7:30 pm at Red Men's Hall, 332 West King St., East Berlin, PA 17316

This talk has been rescheduled for the general meeting on Wednesday, May 17 at 7:30p.m. in Red Men’s Hall, 332 West King St., East Berlin, PA. The presenter, a member of the South Mountain Audubon Society, will share her program entitled “Birds With A Gettysburg Address”. Bonnie Portzline is an avid birder and photographer. She will feature not only birds but also Gettysburg Battlefield monuments with bird ornamentation.

Bonnie has presented summer evening campfire programs at the Gettysburg Battlefield amphitheater. She is currently working on a photo collection of birds that Ike and Mamie Eisenhower may have seen when they resided at their Gettysburg farm. She delights in sharing her photography and knowledge of birds with audiences with wide-ranging backgrounds and interests.

Attendance at this program is a perfect way to welcome Spring while combining history with nature. You are encouraged to come out for an evening of spectacular visual images coupled with a historical narrative. Society members and the general public are welcome. As always there will be refreshments following the program.

Photo by Bonnie Portzline,
Northern Mockingbird, a resident species, eats berries near the Gettysburg Museum and
Visitor Center